The Government has a very useful website to help you follow the official processes when someone dies.

Government Advice

This includes advice on benefits you may be entitled to.  You can also find a little more information on this HERE on this website.

For information on how to register a death and how to inform all Government Departments at local and national level, please visit our page called 'How to register a death and deal with all the official stuff'.

To instigate any action on behalf of the deceased, you need to be the deceased's next of kin- related by blood or marriage-and in all cases will need to provide;

  • the date of death and national insurance number of the deceased
  • your date of birth, national insurance number and contact details (if you are next of kin)
  • contact details of the person dealing with the deceased person's estate and belongings


Before giving the deceased's next of kin details to the Tell us Once service you need to get their permission.