Pete has a passion for seeing young people get the support that they need and to find a voice to talk about their experiences.  He's worked as a youth worker and counsellor for over 25 years specialising in supporting young people affected by bereavement and parental separation.  He has spoken widely on this subject throughout the UK and other parts of the world and been involved in helping to set up charities that work with the bereaved.

Pete leads the ListeningPeople Project for which specialises in training youth leaders, teachers and other professionals who engage with bereaved young people. Training sessions can be set up anywhere in the country, with a minimum of 12 participants. If you are interested in training to support young people, please contact Pete English on [email protected]

Pete has an exciting new resource specifically designed for use with young people struggling with the loss of a parent due to divorce or separation called Tough Stuff. The journal is designed to be used by a young person accompanied by a trusted adult - a parent or relative, youth worker, social worker or school mentor. It is deliberately ‘free form’ and non- prescriptive in the way in which it can be completed, but has some guidelines at the back. The Tough Stuff journal is available for sale in our shop.

A new Tough Stuff Journal dealing with parental loss due to bereavement is due early in 2020.

For more information about the ListeningPeople project generally click here