Funeral Experts are the latest in the new partnerships brokered by AtaLoss during 2024.

AtaLoss has joined forces with Funeral Experts, an innovative provider of advice and support around bereavement, to offer a holistic support system for individuals and families coping with the devastating loss of a loved one. 

Funeral Experts, is also in partnership with Liverpool City Council and Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, having chosen Liverpool as the first ‘Compassion in Bereavement’ city. The aim is to ensure bereaved people have access to support and funeral advice when they need it most.  

FE says it is “thrilled” to partner with AtaLoss and aims to bring ‘Compassion in Bereavement’ to every community in the UK By combining their expertise and resources, Funeral Experts and AtaLoss will provide a seamless continuity of care, ensuring that bereaved individuals receive the guidance and support they need throughout their journey. 

Jason Ghous, CEO of Funeral Experts said

We are thrilled to partner with AtaLoss, a company that shares our commitment to providing compassionate and comprehensive support. By working together, we can ensure that people have access to all this help when they need it most.

Liverpool’s Compassion in Bereavement' City initiative launches on Thursday, May 16th, 2024 and AtaLoss is equally delighted to be part of Funeral Expert's journey as it is rolled out across the UK. CEO, Yvonne Richmond Tulloch said

Bereavement impacts on our lives in many ways and we need a lot of different information and advice to help us at one of the hardest times in our lives. As well as grief support, people need practical support and helping them get clear, reliable and comprehensive information about funeral director services is hugely important. That's why we’re so pleased that Funeral Experts are partnering with us. Together we’re dedicated to facilitating access to holistic support and practical information whenever it is needed, ensuring no one faces loss alone.

Funeral Experts will provide guidance on planning, and supporting families to find the right funeral director to meet their needs and budget. AtaLoss will complement these offerings with their extensive directory of bereavement support services and resources tailored to everyone’s circumstances. 

AtaLoss is very committed to its aim of ensuring people can access community support when they are bereaved. Not only through researching and identifying the small and informal support services to list on this website, but also through its pioneering peer support programme 'The Bereavement Journey' which runs online and has rolled out to 330 (so far!) churches across the country. Churches are offering this support to anyone of any faith or none, in order to ensure people can access support in their community. Yvonne says;

The Bereavement Journey is getting fantastic results. If you're struggling with your grief, do consider getting support on one of the courses. We've trained hundreds of people to run the programme and there could be a course near you. We want communities to be compassionate and 'bereavement friendly' so us joining up with the 'Compassion in Bereavement' initiative makes absolute sense to us and we look forward to working with Funeral Experts in the coming years to help achieve this.

The 'Compassion in Bereavement' initiative will continue rolling out to additional areas in the coming months, with the goal of providing comprehensive bereavement services nationwide. For more information about Funeral Experts, AtaLoss, and 'Compassion in Bereavement,' please visit 

To find a The Bereavement Journey course running near you, go to our page on Bereavement Services and put your location into the filter.