If your loved one had a pet and you or other family member or friend are unable to adopt it, The Cinnamon Trust is a charity that may be able to help. The Cinnamon Trust can help with temporary care if your loved one is going into hospital, help you find a home that will accept pets, or help you make arrangement after your loved one dies. 

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If at all possible, it is good to encourage elderly relatives with pets to make arrangements for their pet before they die so as not to worry about the future.  

If arrangements can be made between owners (or next of kin) and the Trust whilst your loved one is alive so much the better as then the owner will have peace of mind in the knowledge that their beloved companion will have a safe and happy future. Emergency cards are available on request.

The Dogs Trust has introduced a free Canine Care Card to enable people to make arrangements for their pet should they die, become seriously ill or no longer able to look after your dog. You’ll never have to worry about what’s next for them – because they’ll be safe with Dogs Trust. 

We will provide the best possible care for your beloved four-legged companion while doing our utmost to find them a loving new home. The Dog's Trust.

This works by appointing a Dog Guardian who has agreed to make decisions for your pet should the worst happen. If you pass away, become seriously ill or move into a care home, you or your Dog Guardian will be able to contact Dogs Trust and arrange for your dog to come into one of their local rehoming centres. The team of experts will use all the information you give the Trust to get to know your dog, and make sure they stay happy and healthy.

Under the scheme, the Dog's Trust do all they can to find a responsible, caring new owner for your dog, who can give them all the love and care that you currently do. In the unlikely event that a suitable home cannot be found, the Trust will look after them for the rest of their life because they never put down a healthy dog.  They treat every one of their canine residents like a beloved family pet and ensure they get all the loving care they need in our state-of-the-art facilities.

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