The Bereavement suite is where you will be provided with sympathetic support and assistance through the procedures following the death of a patient in hospital. We have private relatives rooms with a nice calming atmosphere where you can have a chat with the team or visit the deceased if required.

The bereavement team provide help and emotional support for bereaved people in the following areas:

  • Arranging completion of all documentation, including medical certificates
  • Arranging cremation papers and collecting fees on behalf of medical staff
  • Advice and information regarding funeral arrangements
  • Emotional support to family, friends and extended relatives
  • Liaising with hospital medical staff and mortuary
  • Liaising with the Coroners staff, police, social workers and General Practitioners
  • Providing advice regarding help from the Social Fund
  • Explaining probate and legalities following death
  • Tracing next of kin where no next of kin is recorded in the medical records
  • Arranging a funeral where no next of kin has been found
  • Seeking consent for hospital post mortem, tissue donation or other projects at the request of medical staff
  • Providing training and information on bereavement related issues to other staff members.
  • Bereavement support is available from the time of death up until the next of kin decide they no longer require that support.



Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0151 706 3805 (answerphone available)

Bereavement Office
Royal Liverpool Hospital
Prescot Street
Liverpool L7 8XP