Supporting Others

Thank you for wanting to support someone who is bereaved. 

We are gathering here resources specifically for helping others who are grieving. 

Please get in touch if you know of anything we could add. 

If someone is recently bereaved you could give them:  

The Path Not Chosen, booklet published by CWR

Living with Loss, booklet published by Lifewords.

Help with sympathy messages can be found at:

Basic guides in helping the bereaved are:

Insight into Bereavement, book published by CWR

First Steps Through Bereavement by Sue Mayfield.

Please also see our Resources page for publications and online resources for the bereaved which you may find useful.


Available through at

TOUGHstuff - material for teenage support (see ListeningPeople).

TOUGHstuff journal for young people suffering the loss of parental separation  


We are also working on the following booklets: 

TOUGHstuff journal for bereaved young people

The Bereavement Journey Course book 

Faith Questions in Bereavement


For training to support the bereaved offers ListeningPeople to youth organisations (including teachers and anyone working with young people), training them to listen to teenagers affected by loss in their communities and/or local schools.

We also recommend Care for the Family's Bereavement Care Awareness day for churches. Click the link for dates of training in your area or email Care for the Family. You can also call them on 02920 810800.

And we are developing further training for churches to support the bereaved in their communities.

Please email


How churches can offer support for the bereaved

We highly recommend that churches consider providing regularly HTB's 'The Bereavement Journey' course, alongside a programme of ongoing care for the bereaved in their communities. 

The course is for people of any faith or none at any stage of bereavement.  It is available as a 6 session filmed resource of 5 sessions with a final, optional, session on faith questions. Email us for further information.

If you decide to run the course please do let us know so that we can signpost the locally bereaved to you. Email






We live in an age where we think death is an option.


David Hockney, Artist


The pain of grief is perhaps...the price we pay for love.


Colin Murray Parkes


Grief is like a long, winding valley where any bend may reveal a totally new landscape.


C S Lewis, A Grief Observed


I really regret not talking about my mother's death


Prince Harry


It dawns on you quite suddenly that life is never, ever going to be the same again, that the whole world has changed in a moment.


Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury


There is no such thing as ‘very few losses’. We’ve all had tons of losses and we need to take ownership of them. We can be overwhelmed by them and go under, or we can recognise them as integral to living.


Jim Kuykendall, Bereavement Therapist


Each one of us can be a creative survivor.


Judy Tatelbaum, Author


Bereavement puts enormous pressure on families and the support they receive makes all the difference. That's why Care for the Family is pleased to endorse the work of


Rob Parsons, Care for the Family