UK Charities are calling for the nation to come together at 9pm every Saturday to shine a light to mark the loss of lives during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A growing number of charities working on the bereavement frontline, including, are calling upon households across the UK to stand by their door or a window and to hold their torch or candle for 1 minute to mark the loss of lives during the pandemic.

By 1st May, the UK had lost more than 27,000 of its citizens to Covid-19 and worldwide the death toll is many hundreds of thousands. In this crisis, the things that bring a little peace to the grieving are not possible: the goodbye, the hugs, the funeral as you wanted, the support you so desperately need. The trauma will impact us for years and possibly generations to come.

We hold pride in our frontline key workers and alongside this we hold the sadness and sorrow for our friends, neighbours and community. Now is the time to harness the spontaneous events that we are witnessing into a united response to express our grief and loss as a nation. Our call is for a national display of remembrance every Saturday at 9pm alongside the Irish nation. The lighting of candles is a universal act that has great meaning across secular and non-secular communities and cultures and has been a source of comfort for many during the crisis.

Through our shared experiences in our organisations, we know that our collective health and resilience rely on us being able to connect with our emotions and not ignore or suppress them. Most importantly, we need thousands of bereaved families to know that they are not alone.