Following the death of his wife in 2014, after her 7 year struggle with cancer, Roger searched for other men to talk with who had had a similar experience, to help him make sense of what he’d been through.  He contacted a number of organisations but found that few men engaged with them, presumably because they thought they could brave it alone.  When he did eventually find other men who had faced the loss of someone close, the sharing of our experience was a significant factor for him in moving forward.

Not every man who is faced with bereavement looks for other bereaved men to be with but we have realised how spending time with others in a similar position can be a healing and positive thing.  Roger is passionate about creating opportunities where bereaved men of any age can connect with each other, however long ago their loss might be.

Roger runs AtaLoss's Bereavement Support for Men project offering phone support and national and local gatherings for men who have experienced loss. 

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Invite Roger to talk about men and bereavement. Contact [email protected]