Advisory Board

Bob jones

Bob Jones

Development and management of bereavement support services, delivery and training

Joy jones

Joy Jones

Bereavement counsellor and supervisor, development and delivery of bereavement support services and training

Steve smart hires 1

Steve Smart

Management and coordination of Care for the Family’s Widowed Young Support and Teacher

Paula smart hires 2

Paula Smart

Management and coordination of Care for the Family's Widowed Young Support and Nurse

Caroline clarke

Caroline Clarke

Spiritual and pastoral care including palliative

Mark britton

Mark Britton

Live event production, internal communication, film and video

Janine britton

Janine Britton

Small business operations, management and team building

Andy garsed

Andy Garsed

Establishment and management of charities

Pete lawson

Peter Lawson

Non-profit sector strategic development and finance

Melissa lawson colour

Melissa Lawson

Advocacy, policy, research and capacity building

Angie purdom

Angie Purdom

Bereavement counsellor, clinical supervision and training, and community bereavement support

Pete purdom

Peter Purdom

Creation, development and management of business and charity sector organisations

Oliver richmond

Oliver Richmond

Marketing - consumer insights, strategy and implementation