Remembrance is a central part of life and a ritual that unites us, regardless of beliefs, religion, social status, or location on the planet. On a personal level, we remember the lost lives of family and friends through funeral services and memorials. But often we need a more permanent way to share our memories, respect and love for someone we have lost. However, many people - friends and family- are separated by miles, countries and even continents.

So as we approach National Grief Awareness Week 2022 and Christmas, we are launching our free 'in memory' service for anyone and everyone who wants to remember someone special.

AtaLoss tribute pages are designed to give bereaved families a safe, meaningful space to remember their loved ones. Your tribute page will remain on our website indefinitely, meaning family and friends have a constant place to visit, reminisce and donate in memory. Your love can be shared together, year on year.  

Use your loved one's tribute page to share pictures, stories, and poems that are meaningful to you. Celebrate your life with them, through storytelling. You can visit your page throughout the year, on birthdays, special dates, or in moments when you miss them. Have a look at the page now and see how others are remembering their loved ones.

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