The news report highlights the isolation and loneliness of people who have been bereaved during the pandemic, but also the toll bereavement takes on individuals who struggle to find support. worked with Ria Chatterjee to highlight the issue that despite the lifting of restrictions and new possibilities for travel and life beyond the pandemic, the bereavement crisis is set to grow and grow over coming months and years, with still many people not knowing where to find support. 

AtaLoss Ambassador, Beth French - founder of the bereavement charity for 18-25 year olds, 'Let's Talk About Loss', said "It's rather like you are shuffled out of the door when someone dies - you become someone else's problem".

Jane Oundjian, Trustee of AtaLoss and founder of The Bereavement Journey was interviewed and spoke about her experience of supporting bereaved people over the last 12 months. The Government's response to ITV's report was that it had provided £500 million to help mental health support over the last 12 months.

Yvonne Tulloch, the CEO of said, "Unfortunately, the Bereavement Sector has not benefitted from any of this funding. In fact our aim at AtaLoss, in providing comprehensive, accurate and up to date information for bereaved people and those that support them, is to encourage people to get support before they need mental health interventions. It doesn't make sense to only fund mental health treatment, when prevention could have avoided it in many situations. Grief is not a mental health problem (although it can become one) and bereavement affects people in many different ways. What we need is high quality, reliable and accessible signposting to the full range of services that exist right across the UK. This is what we at AtaLoss do." 

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