The pandemic is challenging for many, but the experience of loneliness, anxiety and helplessness have been uniquely difficult for people who are suffering from a bereavement, especially older people, and people living alone.

Thankfully, an innovative solution in London is making waves right now, and it is homesharing.  

What is homesharing? 

This innovative initiative has been pioneered by national body, Homeshare UK, of which Two Generations is a member.

In a typical homeshare, a person (typically a younger homesharer) lives in the spare room in the home of a person in need (the householder), and offers friendship and practical support around the house. There is no rent. Instead, the pair pays small monthly support fees to Two Generations, who is just a phone call away throughout the homesharing arrangement. 

Two Generations role is to ensure quality and safety in the matching householder and homesharer process. They perform interviews, legal checks and references prior to move-in and also provide ongoing support and reassurance throughout. Ultimately they want to help match householders with the most compatible homesharers.

Two Generations also mediate and help the pair agree on the support needed. This ranges from befriending, helping out with household chores, to helping with technology so the householder can stay in touch with their family and friends online. 

The benefits of Homesharing

A friend, a housemate and a helping hand, human contact is essential for both mental and physical health. The scheme offers the possibility of companionship, a little extra help around the house, a contribution to household running costs and, for the homesharer, the opportunity to save money on rent. 

It is a win-win situation, the person in need receives companionship, feels more secure in their own home with an overnight presence and remains independent within the comfort of their own family home. The younger person also enjoys an affordable home, companionship and a sense of belonging.

How to start Homesharing

Do you have a spare room and can benefit from companionship and/or physical support? Or are you looking for affordable accommodation and are willing to offer some time to befriend and support a flatmate indeed?

Two Generations have won awards for their homesharing work and was recently interviewed on BBC Morning Live’ interview which featured an existing Two Generations’ homesharing match. You can see more here

To find out more about Homesharing and to find a provider in the area where you live or want to live, visit Homeshare UK


If you are based in London, drop Two Generations an email at [email protected] to kickstart the conversation! You can read more on the Two Generations website.