Life these days is ever more complicated than it ever was and if you have to deal with someone's affairs after their death this can be very challenging especially if it was your spouse/partner that died, there was no will or power of attorney in place, or if you a will executor. If the death was other than a natural death - such as an accident, or as a result of a workplace injury or unexplained, for example - it can become very complicated indeed and involve you in legal processes with which you are unfamiliar. So difficult at a time when you are grieving the loss of someone close to you.

We've brought some information together for you to help.

Legal Issues- Our partner, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, provide a range of services to help people deal with the legal side of bereavement. 

Closing accounts - Settld offers a free service to help you close accounts

Cancelling official documents -Tell Us Once is a Government service which informs central and local government services of the death all at one time.