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Since December has been warning of a 'Tsunami of Pandemic Grief' and costly negative outcomes if the government and key decision-makers fail to recognise the impact of bereavement on the lives of millions of people throughout the UK and fail to fund bereavement support.

This warning is now becoming a sad reality, with over 100k Covid deaths - on top of the 600k deaths expected in any year - leaving behind hundreds of thousands of bereaved and traumatised families across the country with limited access to bereavement support.

On 26th January when pandemic deaths exceeded 100k, the National Bereavement Alliance, assisted by us, wrote to the Government calling for funding for the bereavement charities whose incomes have fallen just as they are needed more than ever.  

YvonneCEO of, Yvonne Richmond Tulloch says "The numbers of deaths are an absolute tragedy.  We are a nation in mourning. With several people grieving every death there are millions of people who have been bereaved across the UK over the past few months, all in traumatic circumstances, who will not know what to do or where to go. Bereavement is the hardest thing to face in life. With restrictions in place, people are also facing this alone without the comfort of family and friends around, which is making it even worse. "

Over the past few months, the bereavement charities have faced the challenge of a reduction in their income yet a much increased demand for their services. Despite £500 million having been released by the Government for mental health support, no central funding has been allocated to support bereavement charities, including our own vital signposting service even though timely grief support can mean mental ill health is avoided.    

We are urging the Government to understand that without funding for the bereavement sector, thousands of people will find themselves in a very hard place, unable to resolve their grief. This will in turn lead to significant calls upon Government purse strings over the coming months and years as they seek help with mental health issues as well physical health issues and other problems caused by bereavement, such as relationship breakdown, loss of employment, addiction and potentially an increase in numbers of suicides. This is a critical moment in the life of our country. There is still time to take action. The charity's Executive Director, Jane Woodward says,

"Our website is the UK’s signposting service for the bereaved and is vital in providing help. If bereaved people can find timely and appropriate support it can make all the difference in finding hope and in turning situations around.  Our website enables self help and is specially designed to direct through filters to services that are best for individuals, making the most of the services available and spreading the load. We have a wide range of over 900 services covering the entire UK - providing anything from local support to specialist services- practical information, helpline links and a library of helpful resources and, unlike other lists or directories, we are proactive in seeking new services and ensuring our information is accurate and up to date. Since the start of the pandemic our service has been increasingly relied upon, even by the Government themselves.  Please get behind our campaign to secure funding."

Download the letter to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and Minister for Bereavement

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