With a General Election expected this year, AtaLoss has issued a call for a commitment from political parties to take a more joined up approach to public health, health care and wellbeing, focusing on timely help and community support for the prevention of ill health and other negative outcomes, and to reduce the call on public services, where, in particular, bereavement is taken seriously because of its impact on all aspects of people’s lives.  
AtaLoss has been championing this cause since 2017. Through this website, the charity provides the most comprehensive bereavement signposting service in the UK, directing to over 2,000 local and national support services, helplines and information. The charity also pioneered and provides volunteer led community bereavement support run by churches which has spread since the summer to over 300 locations.  But the charity says much more could and needs to be done.  This would be more likely to be achieved if there was a cross departmental approach to bereavement in Government, with all departments working to promote well-being to prevent ill health. Vaccinations are a perfect example of where we work to promote well-being and prevent serious disease.
Prevention is likely to become a bigger political priority from now on.  The Times predicted recently that £17 billion extra will be spent year on year by 2030 on disability claims, with mental health pushing costs up by 50%. AtaLoss CEO, Yvonne Tulloch says. 


Prevention should be a high priority for all political parties. We’re aware that there are various specific bereavement support needs.  With a Minister for Prevention and Public Wellbeing in place detailed issues can be addressed. Such a person focused on prevention will also resonate with the electorate and attract many votes, not least for its huge potential for saving the public purse.