The 28th May is Celebration Day a day to connect with each other and those no longer with us. Find time this weekend to celebrate a life and the love you shared. In our modern, busy and increasingly secular world, it is difficult to find time to stay connected with things that matter to us and the people that matter to us.

Like Mother’s Day, or Remembrance Day, Celebration Day offers the simple thought: that as individuals and as a society, we are enriched and empowered by keeping the lives of those that are important to us more present.

It is a new idea, offering a fresh perspective. It challenges loss and forges connections. On Celebration Day you may enjoy just a private moment of reflection, or a joyful celebration with friends.

Celebration Day is at its heart inclusive as it is for all ages, backgrounds, beliefs and cultures.

Celebration Day is not an organisation. It does not fundraise, campaign, lobby or make profits. It has no political, commercial or religious links. 

The idea of this day was started by a group of friends with different backgrounds but all sensing that they did not want to lose connections to our pasts and the people who are no longer with us. At its heart it is about life and love and believing that keeping those lives precious to us more present in our lives is positive, inspiring and enriching.

Ideas for celebrating

Plant a tree in memory of your loved one or friend

Plant a favourite flower or rose bush

Have a celebration meal - eat their favourite food - or bake their favourite cakes

Do 'Remember when..' postings in your social media or family WhatsApp group

Or you could set up an tribute page on this website, share with friends and invite them to leave memories or donations in memory of your loved one.

Create a Tribute Page