Male companionship with an opportunity to share has been invaluable

Miles Blackley

Has someone died?  Death is very isolating and we live in a culture where it is a subject that is largely avoided.  Men, in particular, can find it hard to talk about what they’re going through and often plough on bravely.  

Bereavement Support for Men is for men of any age who have lost someone important at any time. We offer support over the phone and at gatherings where men who have experienced bereavement can learn more about the grief journey and encourage one another around good food and enjoyable activities.

The vision is to create a national network of men’s groups and events, where bereaved men can comfortably receive the support they need and become better equipped for life.

National events offer a choice of different outdoor activity weekends including mountain biking, walking, canoe trips, camping and bush craft.  Local groups may involve meeting up for coffee, going for a walk, taking on a project or paddling down a river for the more adventurous. 

Peer Support Groups  

Contact [email protected] for further details of any event or support group. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Coronavirus update: Support calls are still available and we are also doing video calls (via Zoom) rather than meeting face to face at the moment. Contact Roger if you need support.

Our Griefchat service is always available should you wish to speak to a bereavement counsellor on line.  Click here  GriefChat or click from the home page.

Roger Womack, Project Leader

*Some events are number dependent.