Badge of Mourning for remembering someone

For centuries mourning clothes - mostly black but sometimes white - were worn to publicly display one's sorrow at the loss of a loved one. Complex societal rules dictated how long they were worn, depending on the relationship to the deceased.  The custom died out during the First World War because there was concern that so many bereaved people wearing black would demoralise the nation. Whilst we would not wish such restrictions these days, many bereaved people have told us how much easier life would be if they had something to wear which told others they were grieving.

This little badge has been designed with this in mind. It is based on a Heartsease - a native British plant from the Viola family which has been used for centuries in the making of natural medicines. It is associated with tranquility, peace of mind, emotional calm - states we would all wish for anyone bereaved.

The aluminium badge has a butterfly clutch pin on the back to push through fabric. They come with a delightful card to keep or write a message on making this an ideal gift to send to someone you know who is grieving. Card message reads;

Sent to you with love.

Wear on your heart when you are grieving

and on special days,

to remember and feel close to your loved one,

and to tell others that you are fragile.

NB: Not suitable for small children

Please allow 10 days for delivery
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