NAFD - the professional body that represents and trains funeral directors in the UK is promoting a national campaign to ensure children and young people are better informed about death, dying and bereavement. 
A parent of children under 18 dies every 22 minutes in the UK, which is around 111 children being bereaved of a parent every single day - this does not include other members of a family such as Grandparents and siblings.
NAFD President John Adams decided to use his presidency year to push for bereavement awareness to be a compulsory study area in the National Curriculum. John lost his mother at an early age and knows what it is to be a bereaved young person. He is keen that the hundreds of young people every day who lose a parent, sibling, close family member or friend are properly supported and feel able to discuss their loss. He says
The outcome of this being approved will result in that child knowing they are not on their own with their grief. It will help school friends understand what their friend is going through, instilling more empathy and compassion. It will also help teachers in providing tools and signposting in knowing how to support their students and wider communities.  It is our belief as Funeral Directors that this will also help our wider relationship with death and provide clarity in exploring the feelings that are associated when we suffer a loss. Finally, resulting in a more positive way of living!
AtaLoss is a Supplier Members of the NAFD and we are backing this campaign. Through our ListeningPeople project, we have been training professionals to support bereaved young people in different settings. We have already designed lessons to enable schools to deliver straightaway. To find out more contact Pete English, our specialist in bereavement and young people. WE know how important it is that there is better understanding of this issue. 
Please sign and share this Parliament petition in your communities and let's make a difference for future generations: