Nobody should spend their final days worrying about money but unbelievably, many people are spending their dying days worrying about how they or their family are going to pay for energy bills, rent or their own funeral. Many in rented accommodation are worrying about their family being made homeless.

90,000 people die in poverty every year in the UK. That’s 10 an hour.

Squeezed by the cost of living crisis, and by the extra costs that mount up once you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness, thousands of dying people are struggling to make ends meet with next to no help. Hospices are also stretched financially and many are unable to provide bed space for people beyond a few days. Many people have to spend their life savings to pay for nursing home care if, due to their medical needs, they are unable to be at home, and worrying about how this will impact on their family following their death.

This has to change.

Marie Curie's campaign is calling for the following Government support:

  • Give all dying people their State Pension, no matter their age.
  • Protect dying people from soaring energy bills.
  • Support dying parents with childcare costs.

If you are affected by this issue read more on Marie Curie's website and about where to get help.


To sign the petition in support of more Government help for terminally ill people