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As the numbers of deaths from Covid-19 passes 60,000, the BBC broadcast a feature on bereavement on the evening news and on digital channels, including social media. The report flags up the warning by that a 'Tsunami of Grief' is coming this way if government and key decision-makers fail to recognise the impact of bereavement on the lives of thousands of families throughout the UK. Chief Executive of the charity, Yvonne Richmond Tulloch says

"This isn't just about recognising the shocking numbers of deaths we are dealing with. We have seen these rise steadily over the months. We are a nation in mourning. This is about the Government understanding that behind every death there is a grieving family which has lost a loved one in traumatic circumstances. Bereavement is the hardest thing to face in life. With all the restrictions in place, people are often facing this alone without the comfort of family and friends around. Most importantly, people need to find timely and appropriate support."

Bereavement support is, by and large provided by charities all now struggling to keep themselves going financially, with services likely to be in short supply unless funding is found.  We are pleading with the Government to understand that without this support people will find themselves in a very hard place, unable to resolve their grief. The fallout from the tsunami of grief we are facing will involve significant calls upon government purse strings as people seek help with mental health issues, children with behavioural challenges, relationship breakdown and loss of employment amongst others. This is a critical moment in the life of our country. There is still time to take action. Yvonne goes onto say,

"Christmas is the very hardest time of year for bereaved people to cope with so the news report couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you BBC for highlighting this critical issue. Please, please, get behind our campaign to secure proper funding to help those who have lost someone close by sharing this page with family, friends and colleagues on social media networks. And please consider supporting those suffering grief this Christmas by making a donation to We provide the UK's signposting website for the bereaved. Finding support is easy on our comprehensive website. It's the very best starting point for anyone bereaved. Thank you."

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