If you are looking for effective bereavement support in your community, The Bereavement Journey might be the answer for you. Newly updated and refreshed in 2023, The Bereavement Journey is now being run by churches across the UK in person and online.

It offers 15 films over 7 sessions, usually offered weekly, and sometimes with a light meal or refreshments.  Guests are placed in groups of 6-8 for discussion following the films and volunteers guide them in exploring their loss, aided by a Guest Manual. Anyone 18 years+ for whom someone important has died at any time is welcome.

The material ends with Session 6 and the 7th Session is optional for those who wish to explore spiritual questions which often arise in bereavement, or just listen to a Christian perspective. Feedback over the years is that this session helps people of all backgrounds, whatever their faith or none.

The accompanying booklet ‘Faith Questions in Bereavement’ is available for purchase independently, along with other useful resources.

The following short video will help you consider whether The Bereavement Journey could be helpful for you.

Find out if my local church is running The Bereavement Journey

To find out if there is a course local to you click the link below. If there is, use the search facility on this website to find out more and to join the course.

Is there a course running in my area?

Or you can try the national on-line course run by AtaLoss

If your local church is not running the course you could ask them to think about it. But rather than wait, you can join the AtaLoss team on the next on-line course.

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