Social Prescribing Day is an annual celebration of social prescribing, recognising link workers, local community groups and regional and national organisations which support people’s health and wellbeing. Part of that is helping bereaved people to find the support they need to deal with their grief and prevent mental ill health. AtaLoss works with many Social Prescribers who are regularly referring bereaved people to 'The Bereavement Journey' courses being run by churches all around the UK. You can see where courses are being run by clicking our locations map.

Locations Map

Since 2019, thousands of organisations, link workers, medical professionals, academics and students have taken part across the country and around the world. Every year, they have joined together to hold events, share ideas and highlight the impact of social prescribing on people and communities.  

AtaLoss is delighted to be working with the National Academy of Social Prescribing which champions social prescribing. Like us, NASP believes that;

Each of us has the right to define our own lives. To thrive rather than just survive. To grow beyond the limitations of our circumstances. We all deserve help when we’re finding things tough, and to enjoy a sense of connection and value in our communities. But too often people can’t get the support they actually need, when they need it. 

Together, we want to raise awareness of what social prescribing is, how it works, and how it changes lives. Find out more about the National Academy of Social Prescribing and how it is helping us 'thrive rather than just survive.'

The National Academy of Social Prescribing