This book is an honest and reflective account of a mother's story as she faces up to and lives through her son's death from a heroin overdose in 2007. Skinner is writing for those who are bereaved, those seeking to support people who are, and also, more specifically, for people affected by addiction - whether through a family member, friend or a personal struggle. In 'See You Soon', Skinner faces up honestly to the devastation, shame and stigma she felt upon losing her son to heroin, examining her own pre-judgement that such things don't happen to 'families like ours', the additional challenges created by such a death - such as media interest and coroners courts - and how her understanding of addiction and addicts has grown since losing her son and becoming involved with charities that support drug users.

The book also examines the place of Philippa's Christian faith in her ongoing bereavement experience, how choosing to hope has been healing, whilst also acknowledging the unanswerable questions created by such devastation and loss. This is a wonderful, moving and uplifting book - and will be widely welcomed as a companion and support for many who walk the sorrowing path of loss and bereavement.

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