Your Last Gift is a practical step-by-step guide to getting your paperwork together, to help your loved ones deal easily with the sadmin after your death. It has received excellent reviews.

"Preparing for Death is not a happy subject and one should not expect an easy read especially as the author is both a lawyer and a priest. Prepare to be surprised. This book is light hearted, anecdotal, amusing as well as being informative, factual, practical and useful. We have all got to die. The lesson of this book is: Don’t make a mess of it. Sadly, most of us do.”

 Lord Prior of Brampton - former MP and former Chairman of the National Health Service

At the heart of this Book is a comprehensive downloadable set of structured forms, for you to fill in the digital versions at your own pace. You will find them set out in the Appendices. The forms bring together all the information which you would want to leave as Your Last Gift.

So, no need to put off the process any more – it’s time to start.

The book is available to buy in hard form or digitally. We advise you buy the digital version which is more likely to be up to date.

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