If someone you know has died, the Bereavement Register can reduce the amount of unwanted marketing post being sent to them, stopping painful daily reminders.

On average, a deceased person will continue to receive 110 items of direct mail during the first twelve months following their death.  With upwards of 580,000 people dying annually in the UK (based on current ONS figures), this amounts to a massive 64 million pieces of unnecessary direct mail every year.

Since its inception, REaD Group estimates that The Bereavement Register® has stopped upwards of half-a-billion items of post being sent to the deceased.  As well as assisting grieving relatives and friends at what is a very difficult time, the service also reduces the environmental impact of the production, delivery, and waste generated by undeliverable direct mail.


The Government's ‘Tell us once’ service informs all government (central and local) departments about the death. Check here for more advice on this service.


Along with making a will, making a list of details of memberships, insurance policies, utility providers and other matters that will need to be informed after your death can make life so much easier for our loved ones after our death. Everyone should do one!  Don't forget to KEEP IT UP TO DATE!