Background and purpose of the study

The Research Team are doing this research to understand the grief experiences and support needs of people who have been bereaved either due to COVID-19 or another cause of death during the pandemic.

They are interested in your experiences at the end of life of your loved one (family or close friends). Also, your experiences of grieving, any support that you feel you have needed during your bereavement and what support you have received.

They hope that your responses to their questions will help them to identify ways to improve end of life care during the pandemic and the support that is available for people who are bereaved. They will also provide information about services that could support you during this time.

This survey is being carried out by Cardiff University and the University of Bristol and is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. It should take around 20-30 minutes to complete, depending on how much you would like to share about your experiences. 

Who can take part:

  • Anyone aged 18 or over
  • Anyone who has experienced the loss of a close family member, friend or other loved one who died in the UK since the 16th March 2020, whether this was caused by COVID-19 or another cause of death.

At the end of the survey, you will be asked if you would like to be contacted to discuss some of your experiences in more depth in an interview with a researcher. They will also ask your permission to send you two similar questionnaires in the next year to see how things may have changed for you. If you agree to this, they will send these out to you around 7 and 13 months after the date that your loved one died. 

For more information, please read the information at the start of the survey which you can find HERE.

Risks and benefits:

This survey asks questions about the loss of your loved one(s) during the COVID-19 pandemic and could become difficult to answer. Should you become upset and feel you need support during or after you have completed the survey, you can access a wide range of support from this website by searching for bereavement support, accessing a library of resources and contacting GriefChat. These are all accessed from our homepage.

By completing this survey on your experiences of bereavement during COVID-19, you are helping the Researchers to learn about the key issues that you have faced and to identify ways of improving the care provided at the end of life and during bereavement.

Thank you.