Information For Families Affected By Covid-19

The Covid Families for Justice is a group of bereaved family members who have come together to seek justice in the names of their loved ones gone to soon from Covid-19. They say;

"We firmly believe that had the government approached the pandemic differently, truly ‘followed the science’ and ‘taken the right actions at the right times’ that many of our loved ones would still be here today."

"As time goes on, more evidence emerges about government failings in relation to the timing of lockdown, provision of PPE and testing in health and care settings, isolation of cases within care homes and hospitals and much more. Despite this and the fact that the UK has one of the highest death tolls in the world, the government continues to speak of its ‘apparent success’. For the hundreds and thousands of people in mourning in the country, this is a failure to recognise the facts and an insult to the memory of our loved ones.

As a group, we aim to not only seek accountability for the mistakes that have been made, but perhaps even more importantly, to stop those same mistakes being made again, causing more families to needlessly suffer the overwhelming grief that we are experiencing. We are seeking a public inquiry, starting immediately to look at key elements of the government’s approach and inform it going forward."

The Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK invites all family members of those lost to Covid-19 to join their campaign. You can access our private Facebook group for family members here:
Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK

If you don’t use Facebook and would like to join the group, they're currently working on a way for people to register outside of Facebook. For now, please email them on [email protected] and they will add you to their members mailing list.

You can also sign a petition asking the Government for an inquiry on their website

Find some comfort and strength in being a part of our group and sharing your experiences with others who have been through something similar.

Twitter @CovidJusticeUK and Facebook